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Dairy cattle are most normal residential ungulates. They have a place with the family Bovidae having a place with the variety Bos on the whole delegated Bos primigenius. Cows are raised as domesticated animals for milk and milk items, meat and as draft creatures. Different items got from steers incorporate cowhide and fertilizer for excrement. In India dairy cattle are considered as sacrosanct creatures. At present there are about 1.3 billion cows on the planet. In 2009 dairy cattle turned into the primary domesticated animals creature whose genome have been mapped. Cows were recognized just because via Carl Linnaeus as three unique species. Creatures remembered for dairy cattle are cows, wild oxen, goats, camels and so on. Gir Leiteira

The word dairy cattle have started from Old French word catel which implies a portable individual property. Cows have one stomach with four compartments. These compartments are rumen, reticulum, omasum and stomach. Rumen is the biggest compartment. Reticulum is the littlest and is known as the honeycomb. Dairy cattle at times retain substantial metals which get stored in the reticulum and causes bothering bringing about

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equipment illness. The fundamental capacity of omasum is to ingest water and supplements from the processed nourishment. Omasum is otherwise called numerous utilizes. Stomach looks like human stomach as is known as obvious stomach.

Steers are ruminants which imply that their stomach related framework enables the toxic issue to be disgorged again and rechewed as cud. Cud is then reswallowed and afterward further processed by the smaller scale living beings present in rumen. Microorganisms present in rumen break cellulose and other complex sugars into unstable unsaturated fats that is used as a metabolic fuel by cows. Microorganisms are likewise ready to integrate amino acids from non-protein nitrogenous sources like urea and alkali. The more seasoned age of organisms is restored with the enhanced one as the more established ones bite the dust. The corpse of the dead organisms goes about as an important excellent protein source by steers and is processed. Organisms help dairy cattle to benefit from grasses and other plant material.

Incubation period in dairy animals is of nine months. Another conceived calf gauges 25-45 kg. The world’s heaviest bull weighed 1,740 kg. There is an off-base misguided judgment about steers that they get disturbed by red shading. In all actuality they are visually challenged. In spite of the fact that they are partially blind yet they have two sorts of receptors in their retina and cone cells. They are dichromatic. They can recognize a few hues like blue from yellow. The National Institute of Health and the U.S. Division of Agriculture has mapped the cow-like genome. Researchers have discovered that dairy cattle have 22,000 qualities of which 80% take after people and 1,000 qualities look like with rodents and pooches. These 1,000 qualities are not found in people. With this genome researchers can follow the contrasts between the breeds that influence the nature of meat and milk yields.

Dairy cattle involve an unequivocal spot in mankind’s history and have been tamed since early Neolithic. They are raised for meat, milk and stows away. They are additionally utilized as drafts and in specific games. Dairy cattle are likewise raised by enabling crowds to nibble in the meadows. The normal farming practices incorporate ear labeling, dehorning, stacking, therapeutic tasks, immunization and foot care just as preparing them for horticultural undertakings and different exercises. Cows are cultivated for meat, veal, dairy, calfskin. Contingent on the breed they can get by on slopes, swamps, fields and semi-deserts. Present day types of bovine are more monetary than the old breeds. A few ranchers still lean toward the more seasoned type of cow prominently well known as Jersey. In Portugal, France and some Latin American nations bulls are utilized in bullfighting yet this movement is illicit. Bull riding is exceptionally regular in North America.

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