Miss Universe-21st Century


SITE: Nicosia, Cyprus.

HISTORY. Delegates from 79 nations, regions and conditions went to the Miss Universe challenge. Surely, India turned into the most dominant nation in the Beauty World.Miss India, Lara Dutta, has every one of the characteristics to be a Miss Universe-knowledge, magnificence, identity, magnetism and assurance. At long last, Ms. Dutta was the new Miss Universe. It was one of her deep rooted dreams to move toward becoming Miss Universe. Barely any misses have had vocations as long and fluctuated as Lara Dutta. Sarah Rose Summers

In a vocation of over seven years, she has been proficient model, diplomat and performer. Lara once stated, “Winning the Miss Universe title is the perfection of a fantasy”.

Like Miss Universe 2000, she went to Saint Marteen, Puerto Rico, USA, Colombia,Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland, Venezuela, Mexico, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.

Ms. Dutta turned out to be notable to millions as a ladies’ rights extremist in India. Lara Dutta was a standout amongst the best known misses of the 21st century.


SITE: Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

HISTORY. Agents from 77 nations and conditions went to the Miss Universe. Osmel Sousa, leader of Miss Venezuela Organization, needed to win the Miss Universe title. Individuals who have worked with him state he’s a fussbudget planning cautiously for each venture. He is an exceptionally private man, who once in a while gives interviews.

At the beginning, Venezuela’s Eva Monica Ekvall Johnson was the most loved by specialists and writers. Miss Venezuela achieved the finals, however shockingly, she just came fourth spot. Numerous individuals felt that the choice was unreasonable.

A Puerto Rican won the Miss Universe challenge again.Like Margarita Moran (Miss Philippines and Miss Universe 1973) and Janelle Penny Commissiong (Miss Trinidad Tobago and Miss Universe), Miss Puerto Rico, Denisse Quiñones, was delegated additionally Miss Photogenic Universe.Denisse’s aspiration was to turn into an expert vocalist.


SITE: San Juan de Puerto Rico.

HISTORY.San Juan de Puerto Rico facilitated the event.

The top picks were Colombia (Vanesa Alexandra Mendoza Bustos), India (Neha Dhupia), Panama (Justine Paseak), China (Zhuo Ling), and Russia (Oksana Federova). All made the semi-finalists aside from Colombia. Ms. Mendoza turned into the principal dark lady to be named Miss Colombia. Miss Colombia will dependably be recognized as the primary dark lady speaking to her nation in this challenge.

Out of the blue since 1990, socialist coalition sent a Miss China to contend in the Miss Universe. Amusingly, Miss Cuba expo has been illegal since 1960 by Cuban fascism.

At the beginning, China’s Zhuo Ling was a standout amongst the most famous agents. At long last, Miss China was the first sprinter up.

Russia’s Oxana Federova was chosen Miss Universe. In any case, she was committed to give back the title of Miss Universe. Ms. Federova was a dubious lady. Absolutely, her notoriety declined in her own nation.

Amid the following a very long time in New York City, Miss Panama, Justine Lissette Pasek Patiño, was delegated Miss Universe 2002. Ms. Pasek was for quite some time considered a standout amongst the most astute ladies in the Miss Universe history. Panama’s Justine Paseak was conceived in Kharkov, Ukrania. She had an extremely glad youth there with her folks. One years from now, her family moved to Panama City. Justine had quite a long while experience as expert model.


SITE:Panama City, Panama.

HISTORY.For the second time, Panama City facilitated the exhibition. A standout amongst the most excited fans was Panamanian president Mireya Elisa Moscoso Rodriguez. On September1, 1999, Mireya Moscoso turned into Panama’s first female head of state.

The top choices were Miss Dominican Republic (Amelia Vega), Miss Japan (Miyako Miyazaki), Miss Brazil (Gislaine Rodrigues Ferreira) and the Miss USA (Susie Castillo Cintrom). Ms. Castillo has Puerto Rican plummet. Miss Japan was without a doubt one of the extraordinary wonders of the 2000s.

Under the initiative of two Venezuelans, Miss Dominican Republic progressed toward becoming Miss Universe. Amelia Vega wound up Dominican Republic’s first Miss Universe. Out of the blue since 1992, Miss India did not meet all requirements for the semi-finals.

Like Miss Universe 2003, she went to Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand, Vietnam, Guyana, USA, India, Saint Maarten and the People’s Republic of China.


SITE:Quito, Ecuador.

HISTORY. Ecuadorian papers announced that misses Ukraine (Okelsandra Nikolayenko) , Venezuela (Ana Karina Añez Delgado), Australia (Jennifer Hawkins), USA (Shandi Ren Finnessey), Paraguay (Yanina Alicia Gonzalez Jorgge), and Ecuador(Susana Rivadeneira Simbal) were the most supported to win the challenge.

Shockingly, Miss Ukraine did not enter the semi-finals.Before she went to Ecuador, Okelsandra Nikolayenko contended in Miss World 2001, where she was semi-finalist. Venezuela’s Ana Añez appreciated Mahatma Gandhi. “Mahatma Gandhi has been a major impact in my life on account of his political and religious impact he provided for the world”, she said

Out of the blue since 1982, Miss Venezuela did not fit the bill for the semi-finals. It was bitterness for Venezuela’s Osmel Sousa. He once stated: “If Venezuela does not make it in the finals, I will show at least a bit of kindness assault!”

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