Portuguese in New York

The statue of freedom has invited a large number of migrants to New York. With upwards of 800 dialects strewn over the city, New York has turned out to be one of the most etymologically different areas on the planet.

The Portuguese people group is one that is scattered everywhere throughout the world, for the most part because of the chronicled degree of the Portuguese domain and the colonization of territories in Asia, Africa and America. With more than 260 million speakers around the world, Portuguese stands fifth in position and seventh as far as local speakers.
a saúde brota da natureza

Portuguese is a lovely language and consequently has numerous takers. When you start seeking after a Portuguese language course in New York, there are various open doors accessible in the city by which you can use to keep your advantage and energy unblemished and rapidly get to a more elevated level of capability.

Portuguese Films and Film Festivals in New York

Film celebrations are an extraordinary method to get a look at Portuguese movies. New York has various film celebrations in Portuguese just as different dialects.

New York Film Festival is the significant film celebration in the city with a lot of Brazilian and Portuguese movies in plain view.

Brazilian Film Festival in NYC is another significant film celebration exhibiting Brazilian Portuguese motion pictures second to none.

Brazilian Endowment for the Arts-Here’s the place you can get some Portuguese motion pictures without consuming a major opening in your pocket!

Portuguese Restaurants

Cafés are a decent spot to connect with your tuning in and association aptitudes while adapting any language.

Portuguese food is unmistakable with slight suggestions of the Mediterranean. Fish includes a lot in their eating regimen. What’s more, obviously for those with a sweet tooth, Portuguese offers considerably more than a platter of cake. A particular scope of cakes, baked goods and pastries anticipate you at a Portuguese pasteleria. Remember to eat up them at any expense!

Put your tongue and ears to great use at the accompanying spots! (would you be able to incorporate connections here?)




Brazil Grill

Portuguese Festivals

The Portuguese pay attention to celebrations very. Exceptionally energetic and brilliant, these celebrations express the embodiment of the nation and its way of life. Strict and melodic, fairs are the significant kind of celebrations that you find in a Portugal people group.


Presentations are a decent method to while away your time as you find out about the way of life and customs of Portugal.

Portuguese National Tourist office has presentations for the entire group.

Chicken Gallery Contemporary craftsmanship A display that features workmanship and painting presentations from Portuguese craftsmen.

Books, Newspapers, Magazines

The New York Public Library-The New York Public Library has a skillful accumulation of Portuguese craftsmanship, Ibero-American writing and culture that you can utilize.

Brazilian Public Library has specific books on Brazilian Portuguese workmanship and writing.

Social Groups/Clubs

Social clubs offer move, music, trapeze artistry, and language practice, all folded into one. A language get together gathering encourages you improve the language just as mingle and meet new companions all the while. Some Meet Up clubs are:

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